Supplies and Materials Setup


This line item is used for supplies and materials, such as book, chemicals, office supplies, and non-capitalized equipment.

The setup window for Supplies and Materials is used to add a new budget line item.

Clicking the (05) Supplies and Materials link and then the Add Supply or Material button will open the setup modal.

The Setup modal displays with the Description and UW Sub-Object Code fields populated with default values.

The Cascade Entries checkbox will be checked if you chose “Cascade entries on non-salary items” on the Properties tab. If not, you can choose to use it for this specific line item.

Enter a Description for the supplies you plan to purchase, and then select an appropriate Sub-Object Code from the drop-down menu.

You can use the optional Note field to add any relevant information for this entry

For guidance on sub-object codes, see Object Codes for Expenditures (For the Financial Accounting System–FAS)

Note: If you enabled Targets & Limits and are establishing Supplies and Materials as an Auto-Adjusting line, you will see additional fields in place of the Cascade Entries box.

  • Period Minimum defines the minimum allowable sum for this budget line item.
  • Period Maximum defines the maximum allowable sum for this budget line item.
  • Priority defines the order in which funds will be allocated across line items based on your budget target, with funds going to Priority 1 items first.

On the worksheet, a TL icon, in place of the Delete Line button, identifies these line items.

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