Student Aid Tuition and Fees Update Periods


When you have finished the setup, click the Update Periods button.

The Quarterly Tuition Rate and Number of Quarters fields default to the value of zero (0). The Increase % field will display the Tuition Inflation Rate as set in the Global Attributes section of the Properties page. You can adjust it as needed.

Values entered in the setup step for the Description and UW Sub-Object Code display here for reference.

The name of the period and its date range will display on the menu bar so you can easily tell which period you’re working on.

You will need to enter values for these fields for each period:

  • Quarterly Tuition Rate is the dollar amount for this period.
  • Number of Quarters is the number of quarters for this period.

The Total Tuition will recalculate when you click the Save icon.

  • Total Tuition = Quarterly Tuition Rate times Increase % times Number of Quarters

At this point you do either one of the following:

  • Select Save and Return to Worksheet to save your data, close the Update Periods modal and return to the worksheet.
  • Select Line Setup link to save your data and return to the Line Setup modal where you can edit any of the values, as needed.

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