Approval Flow (Text)


The text version of the page has an Approval Flow Details section instead of the graph. It consists of a table listing the units and individuals who need to approve or watch this application.

The table columns are:

  • Rule Type: The reviewer, and when applicable, their affiliated unit.
  • Approval Status: Waiting Approval, En Route, etc. See the Approval Statuses article for more details.
  • Acted On By: The name of the person who approved or watched the application.
  • Date: The date and time the approval or watched status changed.
  • View Reviewers: Click to display the Reviewer Details for this role, which includes the reasons for this reviewer.

Approval Flow Text Details section

You can modify the Approval Flow at various times in the life-cycle of an application. You can either add additional nodes directly or the system may change the flow due to changes to a withdrawn or returned eGC1.

If you make changes to a withdrawn or returned eCG1, and none of the changes affect the approval flow, then when you re-completed the eGC1, it will continue routing to the next reviewers.  Any campus approvals that already occurred will remain, and any that are “waiting approval” will receive another email notification.

However, if you update the list of research personnel or the organization receiving funding, this may add or remove nodes from the previous approval flow. When you re-complete the eGC1, the system compares the previous flow and the new flow. Any previously approved nodes will keep their approved status and information on the new flow. All reviewers on any new nodes will be notified at the appropriate time. The system will remove any nodes no longer needed.

If the changes to an eGC1 are substantial, it is up to the preparer and/or PI to notify any reviewers who have already approved it. If you decide that additional approval is necessary, you can add an ad hoc. Otherwise you might add a comment, or do nothing.

Regardless of what fields you change on a withdrawn or returned eGC1, the system does not change the assigned OSP person. This ensures that the OSP person who was reviewing the eGC1 will see it on their tasklist once you re-completed it. They can then reassign it as needed.

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