How do I connect a budget I created in SAGE with my eGC1?

See Connect Budget in the eGC1 Forms user guide for details.

Note: for a Grant Runner application using the RR Detailed Budget, your budget data will also overwrite any information you entered on the form.

All the data from your budget worksheet and from any sub-budget worksheets will be imported to your eGC1 for the budget period you selected and will automatically overwrite any information you entered on the eGC1 Budget page. By default, the totals for your budget will also be included.

  1. On the eGC1’s Budget page, click Connect a Budget, enter the ID or Ref # for your budget, and then click Search.
  2. From the search results, Select the budget you want.
  3. Select the period of the budget you want to connect with your eGC1. Note: You can only connect one budget period with an eGC1.
  4. Click Apply to eGC1.

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