Why can’t I print my eGC1?

The printable eGC1 is displayed in a pop-up browser window. If pop-up blocking is turned on in your browser, it will keep the window from opening.

For instructions on how to enable pop-up windows within SAGE, see how to configure the pop-up blocker.

If you are still having problems printing from SAGE, there may be a problem with your computer, so please contact your unit’s or department’s technical team for assistance.

Why can’t I complete my eGC1 and start it routing for approval?

All of the required fields in your eGC1 must be filled out before you can route the eGC1 for approval. Click the Check for Errors link on the left navigation menu or the Certify & Route page to see any problems preventing your eGC1 from routing.

This same error list displays when you click the Route to Reviewers button if your eGC1 is missing any required data.

What are the computer and browser requirements for SAGE?

SAGE has been designed to work on any standards-compliant Web browser. The following sections list the support for specific browsers.

Officially Supported Browsers
Browsers on which ORIS regularly tests new releases and will fix related bugs when discovered or reported.

Browser Versions Supported OSes Notes
Chrome latest & latest-1 MS Windows (7, 8, & 10)
Mac OS X

Limited Support
Browsers on which ORIS performs limited testing prior to release and will fix related, serious bugs when discovered or reported.

Browser Versions Supported OSes Notes
Firefox latest & latest -1 MS Windows (7, 8, & 10)
Mac OS X
MS Internet Explorer 10 & 11 MS Windows (7, 8, & 10) Only with compatibility mode turned off

Browsers on which ORIS does not test and will not fix related bugs.

  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or older
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer versions with compatibility mode turned on
  • All other browsers not listed under “Officially Supported” or “Limited Support”