Disclosure System

Can I edit my completed disclosure?

A completed disclosure can be edited, if it has not yet reached the review status of Review Complete or No Review Required. See the Edit a Disclosure section of the User Guide for more information.

How can I certify to the sponsor that an investigator has completed a disclosure and/or the required training?

Currently, OSP is handling all certification, both for individuals and the institution. Ask your OSP administrator to help you with this.

To locate your Administrator, use the following link:  http://www.washington.edu/research/contact-us/

Should mentors on T32 training grant proposals be designated as investigators?

Because all investigators must complete a disclosure before an eGC1 is ready to submit, we recommend that you complete the eGC1 with “No” selected in the Investigator column on the PI & Personnel page. As mentors are assigned a trainee, and become active, access the eGC1 for the T32 proposal and select “Yes” in the Investigator column.  SAGE will send an email to the now active mentor to disclose FCOI.

How do I complete an SFI disclosure for a tech transfer license agreement or unsponsored Human Subjects activity?

To create a disclosure:

  1. Go to http://www.washington.edu/research/tools/fids/, and click on Sign In to go to your FIDS profile page.
  2. Scroll down the Profile page to the Action Items section. Click on the Create New Disclosure button.
  3. On the Disclosure Type page, select the second choice “I need to make a disclosure for a CoMotion tech transfer agreement or IRB approval.”
  4. On the Enter Other Activity page, select either “CoMotion Technology Transfer Agreement” or “Human Subjects Activity” and complete the appropriate section.
  5. Click Next and then follow the instructions for disclosing any Significant Financial Interests, and completing the disclosure.

When your disclosure is complete, you will be able to see it listed on your Profile page.

If your disclosure was for a CoMotion technology transfer agreement, the system will send an email notification to license@uw.edu with the following information

  • Disclosure ID
  • Innovator Name
  • Department
  • CoMotion Agreement ID
  • Name of Party/Licensee
  • SFI indication (Yes/No)

It will also request that a copy of the license agreement be sent to the Office of Research at research@uw.edu for the Institutional Official as the disclosure is reviewed.

Why isn’t my disclosure showing up on my eGC1?

There are two ways to link a disclosure to a specific eGC1.

  • Complete a pending disclosure for the eGC1 using the Complete Disclosure button in the Action Items section of your Profile page.
  • Use the Create New Disclosure button to create a disclosure for a selected eGC1. This button appears below the Action Items section.

For details on how to do either of these, see the Disclosures section of the FIDS User Guide.

Do I need to disclose my SFI for every eGC1?

If you are an investigator on an eGC1 that is submitted to a sponsor or that receives funding after 8/16/2012, then you will be required to complete a new disclosure for that eGC1. Click the Complete Disclosure button on your profile page in FIDS and then select the appropriate option for SFI. You do not need to re-enter your SFI information if there have been no changes.

You can use the Create New Disclosure button to create a disclosure for a specific eGC1 before receiving the disclosure email notification.

All disclosures on new eGC1s must be completed before the application can be sent to the sponsor. Failure to complete a disclosure on time may result in sponsor deadlines being missed.

Can someone else enter details of my SFI for me?

No. All investigators are required to use their own UW NetID to log in to FIDS and complete their disclosures. It is not currently possible to create a disclosure for someone else and route it for approval.

What do I need to access FIDS?

All you need is your UW NetID and your password. You do not need any ASTRA authorizations.

What is FIDS?

GIM 10 disclosures are made using a web-based electronic system called the Financial Interest Disclosure System (FIDS) which is linked to the SAGE system. This system replaces the paper-based procedure.