Tani Barlow: Scholar of Woman Studies

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Historian and UW professor of women studies Tani Barlow is recognized as one of the leading scholars on modern China with a particular emphasis on modern Chinese women. In 1995, Barlow received the prestigious Best New Journal Award by the Council of Editors of Learned Journals of the Modern Language Association for the journal positions: east asia culture critique, which she edits. "The Modern Language Association is the largest and most prestigious organization for literature scholars," notes Shirley J. Yee, who serves as chair of the UW women studies department.

"The journal positions is a progressive academic journal that publishes research by U.S. and non-U.S. scholars on topics bearing on Asia and Asian American culture and politics," notes Barlow. The articles included in this peer-reviewed journal range from analyses of postcolonial politics and discussions of translation to special topics such as the racialization of Asian Americans and the metaphor of disease in Chinese writing.

Barlow has taught both graduate and undergraduate feminist theory courses for the women studies program, in addition to a course jointly listed with international studies on "Nationalities, Ethnicities and the State in a Gendered Frame."

With anthropology professor Ann Anagnost, Barlow has received a major grant from the Rockefeller Institutional Grants for the Humanities program to conduct a three-year effort to explore the impact of a restructured global economy on the relationship between the Pacific Northwest and Asia. The project brings notable scholars to campus to promote a discussion among faculty and students on topics of critical importance in Asian studies.

In addition to editing positions, Barlow is completing a manuscript entitled Woman Construed in Ding Ling's China. She also has translated and edited I Myself Am Woman; edited Gender Politics in Modern China; and co-authored Chinese Reflections: American Teaching in the People's Republic.

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