The Critical Friedrich Schlegel Edition

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"...promises in its entirety to be among the very greatest editions in the history of Germanistic scholarship."

--Journal of English and German Philology

A project to publish a scholarly, annotated edition of all of Friedrich Schlegel's works was initiated in 1958 by UW professor Ernst Behlerfootnote 1 with the collaboration of Jean-Jacques Anstett, Hans Eichner, and other specialists. Today, the project is nearing completion, as thirty of the planned thirty-five volumes have appeared in print.

"The more one realises the magnitude of the change in outlook that took place in Germany at the end of the eighteenth century, the more important it becomes to have thoroughly reliable texts to document the pioneering work of the Romantic critics. It is in this connection that the Schlegel edition is so greatly to be welcomed."


Friedrich Schlegel (1772–1829) was a major figure in German literature, literary criticism, and philosophy who initiated the Romantic movement in Germany. "His activities extended to practically all branches of the humanities and embraced the history of literature and theory of literature, philosophy of language, Sanskrit studies, philosophy, and historiography," explains Behler.

"No writer has been more in need of a critical edition, and Schlegel is fortunate in having at last been so well served."

--S. S. Prower, The Times Literary Supplement

Behler's edition, in German, presents not only the published works of the author (Volumes 1–10), but also unpublished texts (Vols. 11–22), correspondence (Vols. 23–34), and editions and translations (Vols. 33–35). The work "has enjoyed a broad international resonance," Behler notes.

  1. Editor's Note: Professor Behler passed away while this volume was in press (September 16, 1997).

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