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Adding Personnel to an eGC1

Please see the more complete article on Personnel.

  1. Open the eGC1 for editing.
  2. Click PI & Personnel, located on the left navigation menu.
    The PI & Personnel page will open.
  3. Click Add Personnel.
    The Choose Personnel by Name or NetID window will appear.
  4. In the Search For: box, enter the Person’s name or NetID.
  5. Select the appropriate option (either Name (Last, First) or UW NetID) from the By drop-down menu.
  6. Click Search.
    Any results will be displayed in the Personnel Search Results section. Employee names will appear as hyperlinks.
  7. If the required name is not listed, click Alternate Search to search for the employee in additional UW databases.
  8. When the results are listed, click the name of the appropriate employee. If the name occurs more than once, select the appropriate listing based on current job title and department.
    The Choose Personnel by Name or NetID window will close.
    The person will be added to the list of UW personnel on the Personnel page. By default, they will be entered generically as Key Personnel.
  9. If appropriate, click the drop-down menu adjacent to the appropriate user name, and select another designation (either: Co-Investigator, Fellow, Mentor, Multiple PI or Other).
  10. Select “Yes” if the person is an investigator. For personnel with the role of PI, Co-Investigator, or Multiple PI the value is automatically set to "Yes" and cannot be edited.

For more information about Significant Financial Interest and Compliance Details, see the Personnel Section in SAGE Help.

To give someone access to edit or view the eGC1, see Assign eGC1 Access.

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