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(05) Supplies and Materials


In this lesson, you'll see how to add UW Sub-Object code, quantity and price information for supplies and materials.

Adding supplies and materials to a budget is a straightforward task. You need to provide the supply or material:

  • A name or description
  • A sub-object code
  • A quantity
  • A unit price

All four fields are required. SAGE will display an error message if the description field is left blank.

To add supplies or materials to a budget:

1.    Open your budget.

2.    Click the arrow  open sub item icon  to the left of (05) Supplies or Materials to display the Add Supply or Material button.

Supplies and Materials Display

3.    Click the Add Supply or Material button.

Add Supply of Material Button

SAGE displays the Setup: New Supply or Material page.

 New Supply or Material

4.    Enter the name of the supply or material in the Description field and select the appropriate UW Sub-Object Code from the dropdown menu.

For this example, the description is "Milk", and sub-object code is  (01) Food.


5.    Click the First Period first period button button at the bottom of the page.

SAGE displays a page where you can add quantity and price information.

Supplies and Materials Properties

6.    Enter the quantity and price in the textboxes.

For example, you could use 100 units at $3.00 each.

Notice that the total amount for the milk is $0.00.

Total Price is $0.00

If you want to see the total for this item, click the Save save button  button to have SAGE calculate the total price, display the amount on the page, and save the data.

In this example, SAGE has calculated that the total amount for the milk for this period is $300.00.

Total is $300.00

7.    But, what if you want to change the description from ‘Milk’ to ‘Whole Milk’? Click the Line Setup link

 Line Setup link at the bottom of the page. This returns you to the Setup page where you can add ‘Whole’ to the description.

Whole Milk

8.    Click the Save and Close save and close button  button. SAGE returns you to the worksheet. Now, you’ll see that the line item has been changed.

(05-01) Whole Milk

9.    You can also save the data and return directly to the worksheet by clicking the Return to Worksheet

Return to Worksheet button button.

Here are a couple of things to remember when adding supplies to a budget:

  • Inflation does not apply to supplies. It has to be calculated manually per period.
  • The quantity and the price for supplies has to be entered separately for each period. Entering it in the first period does not mean that it cascades through.
  • Both the quantity and price fields default to 0. If you don’t add both values, SAGE can’t provide you with a total cost.  

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