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(01) Salary and Wages, Part 1: The Basics


In this lesson, you'll see how to add personnel, including TBD personnel, and their % effort.

Before you Begin

  1. Build a Sample Budget
    If you haven’t already, create a budget using the details in our “Sample Budget Instructions.”
    See the Budget Wizard Setup Lessons for direction on creating budgets, if necessary
  2. Note the Personnel Sub-Object Codes
    The most important field to remember when you add a person’s name to the budget is their UW Sub-Object Code. SAGE uses this code as the basis for all employees’ salary, benefits and retirement figures.

To Add Salary and Wages

Scenario: Add Senior Fellow Dr. Rowan Flynn’s name to Flynn Grant 2010.

1.    Open your budget.

For example, click the Flynn Grant 2010 link from the My Budgets list.

My Budgets list

SAGE displays the worksheet for the budget.

Budget Worksheet

2.    Click the Arrow   on the (01) Salaries and Wages line.

SAGE displays the Add Personnel and Add TBD Personnel buttons.

Add Personnel and Add TBD Personnel buttons

3.    Click the Add Personnel button to open the Choose Personnel by Name or NetID chooser, and enter “Flynn, Rowan” in the Search textbox, last name first.

 Flynn, Rowan

4.    Click the Search button.

The chooser closes, and SAGE returns a list of employees whose names match the search criteria.

5.    Click the name of the employee, Rowan Flynn, and SAGE returns Dr. Flynn’s setup page.

Dr. Flynn's Setup Page

The Setup page contains information about Dr. Flynn including his title (Senior Fellow) and his UW Sub-Object Code (23).

Dr. Flynn's Name, Title and Sub-Object Code

It also includes fields for specifying his role on the project and his appointment type. If you want information on these fields, click the Help Help Button button to the left of those fields.

For this lesson, the important field on this page is % Effort. It tells SAGE the percent of time that the person is dedicating to the project. In this example it’s 0%.

% Effort is important because SAGE multiples it times the person’s Starting Monthly Salary then multiplies that by the number of months in the period to determine their total salary for the period.

For example if Dr. Flynn’s starting monthly salary for a project is $4,000,

and his % effort is 100%,

and the duration of the period is 12 months, then his Period Total Salary is $49,4400, including 3% for the default Salary Inflation Rate.

If you set his % Effort to 50% and leave his Starting Monthly Salary at $4,000 and the number of months to 12, he’ll receive $24,720 for his Period Total Salary or $2,060 per month.

NOTE When you set % Effort on the Setup page, you’re setting up the default value for all of the periods in the budget. When you need to set a different % Effort for a single period, change the % Effort value on the period detail page.

Click the Save and Close Save and Close button  button to return to the worksheet.

SAGE adds Dr. Flynn’s name under the (01) Salaries and Wages line item.

Salaries and Wages line

To Add TBD Personnel

Click the Add TBD Personnel button under the (01) Salaries and Wages line.

SAGE displays the Setup page with the Name field as "TBD."

Name Field

Leave this as is for now, and mouse down to the Title field where you’ll see hint text “e.g. Assistant Professor.”

Title field

The Title is a required field, so you must enter something in the textbox. For this example, you could use “Research Assistant.”

WARNING  When adding TBD personnel make sure that you assign the appropriate sub-object code or personnel classification at the same time. This ensures that SAGE will calculate the correct salary and benefits before the proposal is submitted to the sponsor.

For example, if by accident you leave the default sub-object code as (00) Misc the person eventually assigned to the position will have no benefits at all.

For a complete list of UW Sub-Object Codes, visit the Sub-Object Code page  

Click the Save and Close Save and Close button  button.

SAGE returns to the budget worksheet using "TBD" as the name of the person just added with the title of “Research Assistant”.

The value of both of these fields can be changed on the Setup page by clicking the individual’s name, which in this example would be “(01-34) TBD, Research Assistant”.

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