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Product Update Archives: April 2011

New Features in SAGE

Budget period naming conventions have been enhanced to include the most common period names.
Budgets built in SAGE can now be connected to an eGC1, so that any updates made to the budget automatically display on the budget page of the connected eGC1.
Budgets in SAGE route with connected eGC1 and anybody with access to eGC1 can also access the budget.
Fiscally responsible departments can now be specified on the setup screen for sub budgets.
New Budget Edit Numbers in the Budget History enable users to see when a budget has been revised and to read comments associated with those changes.
OSP Administrator/Coordinator Now Has Read Access to Budgets built in SAGE.
SAGE saves all changes to budget and assigns a unique Budget Edit number and timestamp to versions created at critical points in workflow, e.g. at submission or approval.
Users can access a read-only view of a budget at a specific point in time from the Budget History and copy, print, or export it to Excel.
Users can access an Excel version of a connected budget from the eGC1 Attachments page under Connected Budget Data.
Users with the appropriate permissions can view or withdraw the eGC1 and budget from the Budget History tab.
Ability to define lines that automatically adjust their amounts to make selected total match target amount
Ability to enable/disable fixed fee on APL budgets
Ability to see sub-budget information for awards where proposal includes an associated SAGE Budget
Added ability to modify Administrative and Pre-Award Budget contacts regardless of eGC1 status
Budget title field width reduced to better match maximum characters allowed


Error when opening Targets and Limits auto-adjusting entries with read-only access.
Cascade non-salary line items when a period is added.
Monthly salary setup for TBD personnel on sub budgets not copying to periods

When a user adds TBD personnel to a sub budget, the salary that is created in the setup screen is not transferring to the period set up. The first period starting monthly salary should match the value defined on line setup, instead it is $0.

Corrected TBD starting monthly salary on sub budget not copying to periods
Revised period range calculation results in error where effort exceeds period length

Changes to how dates are calculated in SAGE Budget may cause a discrepancy between effort months and period length in a select number of budgets. Each of the affected budgets has a salary line item where the number of effort months originally calculated does not match the number of effort months that the current date calculation produces. This means that the effort months in the budget period now exceed the period length.

Symptom: When you click through salary details, you will see the following error message when you attempt to tab off the affected period: "Effort Months cannot exceed the number of months in the period (there are currently x months in this period). To increase the effort months, you will need to lengthen the period at the Periods tab."

Changing period dates flips academic/summer months on salary lines
Period months incorrect when period start and end dates are in months of different durations (e.g. 28, 30, 31 days)

Current production issue discovered during Budget 2.2 user acceptance testing. When creating a period that has dates that start/end mid-month in months with a different number of days, the period months on salary lines may be calculated as a whole number where a user may otherwise expect them to be. For example: a period starting on 1/16/2011 and ending on 4/15/2011, period months comes out to 3.0161.

Grant Runner: Appendix file on Research Plan added to Research Strategy section in error

In a Grant Runner application that has been withdrawn or returned for updates, if an Appendix file is added immediately after updating the Research Strategy file, the Appendix file will appear in the Strategy section.

My Approvals Advanced Search - Date range not working correctly; eGC1 Number mis-handling large values

The Advanced Search for Approvals has two issues. First, if both the Date Approved After and Before fields are used to set a date range, the system will not return any results. Using just one date fields works correctly. Second, if a very large number (such as an org code) is mistakenly entered in the eGC1 Number field, an error (99) will occur.

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