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What is the difference between My Approval Status and UW eGC1 Status?

The My Approval status is related to your perspective of the approval process, while the UW eGC1 Status is related to the application as a whole, for example, whether the application is in routing or has been approved by OSP. The following terms identify different approval states of an eGC1.

  • En Route: The application is currently routing for approval on the UW campus and is waiting for approval by units listed before you in the Approval Workflow. This status allows reviewers to see an eGC1 before they are required to approve it.
  • Waiting For My Approval: The application is currently waiting for your unit to approve it.
  • Approved: The application has been approved by you or someone else in your role (i.e., Dept Reviewer).
  • Returned: The application was returned by you or someone else in your role (i.e., Dept Reviewer).
  • Watching:  An eGC1 that your unit can access to review online, but does not need to approve. These applications have not been viewed by anyone in your role.
  • Watched: Applications that you or someone else in your unit has viewed, but which your unit does not need to approve.

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