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The University of Washington is my alma mater; yet, now I feel as though I never really knew the UW until I became involved in this project. I would like to thank Vice Provost for Research Alvin L. Kwiram and Acting Provost David B. Thorud for the opportunity to carry out this work, and for their support and input throughout the project. Special thanks also to Robert G. Edie, Vice President for University Relations, and Norman G. Arkans, Associate Vice President and Executive Director, University Relations, for co-sponsoring the effort. It has been quite an adventure.

An anthology of this scope could not have been compiled without the help of many people. Hearty thanks to the UW Office of News and Information, and to the UW Office of Health Sciences News and Community Relations, especially to Bob Roseth and Kay Rodriguez; and to Tom Griffin and staff of the UW Alumni Association magazine. Articles appearing over the years in publications of these offices--University Week, Medicine Northwest, and Columns--provided source material for many of the vignettes in this volume. Special thanks to Leila Gray of Health Sciences News and Community Relations for her efforts on behalf of the project.

I am indebted to participating UW faculty, staff, and students for providing information and feedback, and especially for their patience throughout the process. Thanks also to the department chairs and directors for helping to identify topics, and to members of the UW Research Advisory Board for their input.

I salute those who gave generously of their time to review the manuscript, especially Joyce Brewster, Gil Omenn, Lee Huntsman, Ernest Henley, Jack Lein, John Simpson, Gary Christian, Susan Jeffords, John Coulter, Marsha Landolt, Ross Heath, Sue Hegyvary, Sid Nelson, Nancy Hooyman, Mark Damborg, and Keith Benson.

I also would like to thank members of the UW Office of Research for their support, in particular, Mike Caputi, Janet Skeels, Alan Li, Kathy Shuman, Cynthia Wythe, Eric Dahl, and Pinky Nelson. Thanks also to the UW Archives, the Special Collections and Preservation Division of the UW Suzzallo and Allen Library, and the office of Academic Personnel, for providing access to records and materials in the course of researching the manuscript.

Finally, thanks to the UW Publications Services team, especially our designer Sarah Conradt-Kroehler, production assistant Reiko Finley, coordinator Stuart Roy, and Leslie Wright, assistant director of client and creative services, for their commitment to the successful production of this book.

Deborah L. Illman

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