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Subaward Issuance

Required documents and information to initiate a subaward

When the prime award is made to the University and accepted by OSP, Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA) assigns a budget number and the PI is notified.

To avoid unnecessary delays, the PI or designated staff person in the UW department should enter a Contract Request (CR) in the UW ARIBA system at the time the budget number is issued. All supporting documentation (e.g. current budget, budget justification, letter of commitment or signed PHS398 form, and scope of work of the subrecipient) must be attached to the CR.

The subaward team reviews the prime award, subrecipient documentation and prepares the subaward agreement. The subaward team may request additional information from the UW PI and UW Department or the subrecipient PI or subaward entity in order to carry out a risk assessment as described in GIM 8, Subrecipient Monitoring.

Delay in receiving requested information will delay issuance of the subaward.

Issuance of the subaward

The University is a member of the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP), a program to streamline the operations of grants management between U.S. universities and certain federal agencies. Whenever possible, the University uses the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) subaward template to transfer subaward funds to other FDP members.

Per the Uniform Guidance, all subaward agreements passing through federal funding contain the required information found in §200.331(a).

Subawards are typically funded on an annual basis with renewals granted for additional time based on need and availability of prime award funding. Modifications may be made to subawards when circumstances require a change to the terms and conditions. Such modifications may be due to:

After the subaward is signed by OSP, it is sent electronically by email attachment to the subrecipient for review and execution. After the subrecipient returns the fully- executed agreement to OSP by email attachment, OSP approves the blanket purchase order (BPO) in ARIBA so that invoices from the subrecipient may be received and approved for payment.

Please visit the OSP website for more information about UW ARIBA and subawards.