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Preparing a proposal that includes proposed subrecipients

The Office of Sponsored Programs requires that the following subrecipient components be obtained by the UW Principal Investigator (PI) and provided to OSP along with the UW's prime proposal to a sponsor:

During proposal budget preparation, the amount of the subrecipient's total costs are included as a separate item in the UW proposed budget as a "consortium/contractual" cost category (object code 03-62 within the University eGC1 and financial system). Per the modified total direct cost (MTDC) base, the first $25,000 of each subaward during the project period is subject to UW's F&A rate. If the UW's sponsor is non-federal and does not indicate a base type, UW uses a base type of Total Direct Costs (TDC) and therefore includes the total costs of each subaward in the UW's base for F&A calculation.

Each proposed subaward must be incorporated and charged to one prime UW project and one UW budget number. Use of shared or split budgets is not allowable.