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Identification of need and selection of subrecipients

The University Principal Investigator (PI) identifies subrecipient needs for a planned sponsored program. Identification of a subrecipient is primarily based on the expertise, qualifications, availability, cost and technical resources of the subrecipient. Additionally, a UW PI should review new subrecipients against the Excluded Parties List System (EPLS) found in the System for Award Management prior to incorporation of the subrecipient scope of work into the University's proposal to the originating sponsor.

The factors set out in the federal Uniform Guidance, §200.330 distinguish between a contractor for goods or services and a subrecipient. When deciding whether the collaboration rises to the level of a subrecipient, it is recommended the PI become familiar with these factors and consult with the subaward team in OSP if assistance is needed in determining the need for a subaward versus procurement of goods or services.

As a state institution, the University must justify sole source selection. The PI is responsible for documenting sole source selection justification of the proposed subawardee and maintaining the justification within departmental files.