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Fellow and Trainee Supplementation Policy

The University of Washington may supplement stipends of graduate fellows and trainees in accordance with the supplementation policies of the granting agencies. The following guidelines govern supplementation activity.

  1. Any limitations of supplementation or special provisions made by the granting agency must be adhered to.

  2. The student must be in good academic standing and making satisfactory progress toward the degree.

  3. Any required services should contribute meaningfully to the student's academic program.

  4. If services are required, they should not impede satisfactory progress toward the degree.

Supplementation Procedure

The Graduate School monitors supplementation of graduate fellows and trainees. When supplementation occurs, copies of the following documents are to be sent to the Fellowship and Assistantship Office, Graduate School, AG-10.

  1. The fellow or trainee appointment form.

  2. Appropriate supplementation document (e.g., revised or additional appointment form, award letter, etc.), indicating total net funding from all sources for the academic year.

  3. Description of any required services.