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GIM 39 Attachment: Final Fiscal Report

The final fiscal report is the final statement on the disposition of award funds. The financial statement is generally due within 90 days from the end date of the award. Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA) will close the budget number once the budget, expenditures, cash and revenue are equal.

Prior to closing a budget, GCA sends the Notice of Expiration letter (NOE) or e mail, requesting action from the department prior to the award budget number expiring.

PI/Department is responsible for ensuring that all transactions for the grant or contract have been processed by the Final Action Date, or that pending charges or credits are communicated to GCA as outlined in the Grant and Contract Closing Process instructions.

The Financial Status Report is submitted to the Sponsor from GCA. The form and type of submission depends on the Sponsor requirements. The most common format is the federal SF 269 Financial Status Report. GCA prepares this report per sponsor guidelines and submits to the Sponsor, sending a copy to the PI.