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GIM 39 Attachment: Subcontract Final Reports and Invoice

When a project includes subcontracts, the subcontractor carries the same closeout responsibilities as the University of Washington. The subcontractor must submit:

  1. A final invoice no later than 60 days following termination.
  2. A final technical report (in writing unless an exception has been approved) to the PI. The PI is responsible for approving the final technical report and retaining it for inclusion in the final technical report to the prime sponsor.
  3. A close out certification form, if applicable, in order to determine inventions or equipment accountability that impacts the closeout report to the Sponsor.

At the time a subcontract ends, OSP sends out an expiration notification to the Principal Investigator and department administrative contacts at the University of Washington, notifying him/her of the actions that need to be taken.

OSP performs a review of the subcontract at the time of completion to assure that all necessary amendments or other closing actions have been achieved, including receipt of audit reports and the close out certification, if applicable.

Any remaining encumbrance under the subcontract may be liquidated by writing to or emailing the OSP Subcontract Coordinator: (206) 543-4043 or

For further information and training on the administration of subcontracts, please visit the OSP schedule of classes or refer to GIM 7, Sponsored Programs Subcontract Policy.