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GIM 39 Attachment: Extensions

A budget extension grants a Principal Investigator (PI) additional time on a project without additional funding. OSP recommends submitting your extension request 30 business days prior to the current end date. If the request requires Sponsor prior approval, OSP needs a minimum of 45 business days to contact Sponsor for approval.

Approval of an extension request is based on the specific award terms and conditions, sponsoring agency guidelines and ensuring that all compliance issues are resolved and approvals are in place, such as Conflict of Interest, IRB, and IACUC approval. If the budget extension cannot be approved by OSP without Sponsor pre-approval, OSP will contact the requestor to coordinate submission of a formal request to the Sponsor for its approval of the extension.

Before requesting extension of a budget number, please anticipate that there can be delay in receiving Sponsor approval to extend the project. The online extension request form provides a field in which you can also request that OSP extend your grant budget number on a temporary basis until Sponsor approval is obtained. You will need to ensure you have an appropriate alternative departmental budget number available to charge for any costs incurred during this temporary extension that are later disallowed by Sponsor. The same compliance approvals required for a regular extension are required for a temporary extension.

To complete an Extension Request, you will need to have:

  1. A specific justification for extension.
  2. Detailed award and budget information.
  3. eGC1 Number.
  4. HSD/IRB Protocol Numbers and approval dates, if applicable.
  5. IACUC/Animal protocol number and effective dates, if applicable.
  6. Knowledge regarding significant financial interest.
  7. Change of level of effort.