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GIM 26
Procedures for Rebudgeting of Funds and Change of Principal Investigator


Office of the Vice Provost for Research
Office of Sponsored Programs


March 1, 2008

SUBJECT: Procedures for Rebudgeting of Funds and Change of Principal Investigator


After a grant or contract has been awarded, the Principal Investigator sometimes finds that the approved budget is not consistent with actual project needs. Most funding agencies allow reasonable flexibility to implement desired budget revisions without prior approval, but often the change does require the approval either by the grantee under delegated authority (as described in GIM 18) or by the funding agency. See Rebudgeting Funds on a Grant or Contract in the Researchers Guide.

Change, reduction of 25% or more in effort devoted to the project or temporary substitution, of the Principal Investigator typically requires written approval by the funding agency. This may result when a Principal Investigator leaves the University, or when the investigator goes on sabbatical leave and, for that or any other reason, is away for a period greater than three months. Under these circumstances, a letter to the funding agency is required and is to be prepared and signed by the Principal Investigator stating the reason for the absence; indicating who will supervise the research project after his/her departure or during his/her absence; and showing the qualifications of the new, or substitute, Principal Investigator. Then, the original and two copies should be forwarded to Office of Sponsored Programs, via the Chairman and Dean, for Institutional concurrence and mailing of the original to the agency.

Questions concerning this memorandum may be directed to Office of Sponsored Programs, extension 3-4043.

Attachment A: Request for Rebudgeting (GCA Form 1091)