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GIM 17 Attachment A

Guidelines for Review of Proposed Cooperative Agreements Between the University and Other Organizations

University of Washington

Office of Research
Office of Sponsored Programs

Grants Information Memorandum 17

March 1973
  1. What is the mission, business, or program of the organization?

  2. Why does this organization wish to be located within the University facilities?

  3. What justification is there to support the allocation of University resources to this organization?

  4. What University department(s) will be affected, and in what way?

  5. What recommendation has been made by the Chairman and Dean?

  6. What contribution to the University programs and objectives will result from the proposed collaboration?

  7. What will be the exact nature of the collaboration?

  8. Will academic rank be granted any of the collaborators? If so -

  9. What provision will be made for continuing review of the arrangement by the University?

  10. What provisions are to be made for the University to recover facility costs and other expenses involved in the arrangements?

  11. What provisions will be made to protect the University's rights in publications, patents, etc.?

  12. What is the duration of the proposed arrangement?

  13. Are there other alternatives -

  14. To what extent will students be involved?

  15. How will observance of general University policies be assured?