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Exceptions to University Policy on F&A Rates

The University of Washington (University) charges F&A costs to all externally funded sponsored projects. Unless a special case applies or an approved waiver been granted as outlined below, F&A costs will be based on the F&A rate agreement approved by HHS-DCA. The University may charge higher rates for industry sponsored research and development projects. In addition, the University does not charge F&A rates to non-clinical industry sponsors that are lower than those applied to federally sponsored programs.

Procedure for Obtaining Approval of All Other F&A Waivers

The Principal Investigator completes and signs an F&A Waiver Request form, obtains required signatures, and routes the F&A waiver form as an attachment to the eGC-1, along with the proposal, to OSP. The OSP Reviewer will provide the F&A waiver form to the Director, Office of Sponsored Programs, or his or her designee, for review. The proposal will be submitted to the sponsoring agency with the F&A rate approved by OSP. If the F&A rate approved by the OSP differs from that in the prepared budget in the proposal, the Principal Investigator is responsible for providing a revised budget to OSP for review and submission with the proposal.

In rare cases, unforeseen circumstances may prevent a Principal Investigator from requesting an F&A waiver before a proposal is submitted. In that case, OSP will review an F&A waiver request after time of proposal submission and after the F&A Waiver Request form is provided to the appropriate OSP Reviewer.

Questions on the application of F&A rates during the life of a sponsored project? Contact the Office of Sponsored Programs, (206) 543-4043 or