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Below is the current list of areas that Require Change by the PI or Department representative, based on the OSP Review, prior to submission to a Sponsor. Note this is not a complete list of all areas of review by OSP under each Criterion:

Criterion 1: Sponsor and University eligibility requirements are met.

Area of Review Issue Solution (Dept or PI action)
Sponsor limits the number of proposal submissions coming from one institution. No Limited Submission Committee approval to move forward. Achieve Limited Submission Committee Approval and provide on eGC1.
PI is delinquent with final report submission on another project. PI is on Closeout Delinquency List maintained by OSP per GIM 39. PI submits delinquent final reports to Sponsor, provides copy of final report to with receipt of submission.

Criterion 2: The proposal meets sponsor formatting, page limit, and technical requirements and the business data is correct.

Area of Review Issue Solution (Dept or PI action)
Sponsor required format, fields, sections, character requirements, and attachments. Submission without the changes will lead to an “ERROR” message upon submission via or other Sponsor system, or is known to cause “Return without Review” by the agency. Change text, characters, page limit, attachment format, or other component of proposal that is not meeting sponsor technical requirement.
Institutional data is accurately listed. Business data is incorrect. Modify business data listed consistent with UW requirements. See Facts and Rates page.

Criterion 3: The proposal meets sponsor’s specific budgetary requirements.

Area of Review Issue Solution (Dept or PI action)
Administrative costs are presented as a direct cost. There is no justification. A justification consistent with OMB Cir. A-21 is required. See GIM 23, Administrative and Clerical Salaries, for more information. In all cases, OSP approval of Proposal does not indicate acceptability of the cost as a direct cost.

Criterion 4: Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs are calculated in accordance with GIM 13

Area of Review Issue Solution (Dept or PI action)
Facilities and Administrative (F&A) cost calculation. Miscalculation results in higher F&A recovery than should be requested. Review GIM 13 and make recalculation to be consistent with location, activity, period of performance and other factors that impact correct rate selection.

Criterion 5: The proposal meets mandatory cost-share requirement or, if prohibited by sponsor, cost-share is not presented in proposal. If cost-share included, it is intended to be cost-share, and the commitment is documented and cost-sharing unit/party has reflected its approval via SAGE approval graph, via e-mail, or by third party letter commitment.

Area of Review Issue Solution (Dept or PI action)
Cost-share presented in Proposal. Commitment from cost-sharing entity/party not apparent on eGC1 or within attached documents. Add UW Cost-sharing unit to approval graph and route eGC1 for approval , or obtain e-mail from that unit for inclusion on eGC1. If third party, include third party commitment letter.

Criterion 6: All proposed subrecipients meet the University’s documentation requirements in GIM 7

Area of Review Issue Solution (Dept or PI action)
Subrecipient Documentation is provided. Required subrecipient documentation is not provided on eGC1 or as part of Proposal. Obtain all necessary subrecipient documentation before GIM 19 deadline, or if not achievable, seek GIM 19 waiver.

Criterion 7: The requisite compliance approvals are met.

Area of Review Issue Solution (Dept or PI action)
University is CERTIFYING to the fact we have a compliance approval at time of Proposal submission. Compliance approval (e.g. protocol approval, signed assurance from responsible office is not obtained). Provide compliance approval information within answers to Compliance questions on eGC1 or as attachment to eGC1.
Investigators have made SFI disclosures. An Investigator listed on eGC1 has not made an SFI disclosure, as reflected on the PI&Personnel page of the eGC1. Notify Investigator of need to enter the Financial Interest Disclosure System (FIDS) and disclose.

In all cases, OSP reserves the right to require changes not currently listed above based on the specific review, the sponsor requirements, and changes to institutional policy.