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OSP Required Changes and Recommended Changes

As the Authorized Signing Official, the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) maintains oversight over institutional Proposal Review Criteria. This Criteria is set out in GIM 1.

During Proposal review, OSP will use the Proposal Review Criteria, the Sponsor program announcement, Sponsor policies, Federal regulations, UW policies and OSP internal review guidance. In addition, OSP refers to the information provided on the eGC1 by the PI and other eGC1 approvers.

If components of the Proposal or eGC1 need revision, OSP will provide OSP Reviewer Comments to the PI and eGC1 Administrative Contacts. OSP supplies this information as either Required Changes or Recommended Changes and returns the eGC1 to the PI.

The PI is responsible for all changes to a Proposal. The PI or his/her delegate is encouraged to contact OSP about OSP Reviewer Comments if clarification is needed. When the eGC1 is returned to OSP, OSP re-reviews that OSP Comments were addressed. This re-review is facilitated by the PI/dept responding to each Comment in turn. If it is not clear that changes were made, this can cause delay and potentially lead to the need for the PI to request a GIM 19 waiver.

In addition to Required Changes, OSP may make Recommended Changes based on the review under each Criterion, that, if not addressed, may impact the success of submission, the chance of Sponsor review, the funding success of the proposal, or may seriously delay the processing of funding. We highly recommend these changes be made, along with any Required Changes.

In all cases, OSP reserves the right to require changes not currently listed above based on the specific review, the sponsor requirements, and changes to institutional policy.