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eGC1 Requirements

All Proposals to external sponsors for support of research and research facilities, University-administered traineeships and fellowships, institutes and special teaching programs, and other University activities which are to be supported wholly or partially with non-University funds, shall be submitted on an eGC1.

All eGC1s must be “IN OSP” status and complete prior to Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) review.

Incomplete eGC1s, eGC1s containing significant inconsistent information with the attached Proposal, or eGC1s that do not contain a Proposal (when eGC1 is routed for application to an external Sponsor) will be returned without review by OSP. The “IN OSP” date on an eGC1 will not be considered timely per GIM 19 deadlines if any of these circumstances apply.

An eGC1 is also used to route other items to OSP that require institutional approval as the eGC1 contains assurances and information needed before OSP can review, accept or approve the item. These include:

OSP associates all incoming awards with eGC1s. There may be multiple Funding Actions (FAs) per eGC1. Once the cumulative amount of an award exceeds the amount approved on the eGC1, a supplemental eGC1 is required, unless the overage is immaterial (i.e. less than 10% of the original amount proposed). In no case is an overage amount immaterial if the scope of work is significantly changed.