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Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

Outgoing Subcontracts

A subcontract is a formal legal agreement between the UW and another organization. This agreement is used when a substantive portion of the programmatic work outlined in a proposal is conducted at another organization. Commonly, the other organization is another education or research institution, but can be any organization outside the University.

Why Subcontract?

Faculty PIs often collaborate with colleagues at other institutions in order to enhance the programmatic or scientific aspects of a research project. If the PI at the subcontracting institution (Subcontractor) wants that project to be part of the UW project, a subcontract will be needed. Moreover, many times RFPs or program solicitations encourage or require that multiple organizations participate in the proposal activities.

Develop Work Plan/Approvals

When a subcontract is part of the UW PI's project, the UW PI in conjunction with the PI at the subcontracting institution (Subcontractor) will need to develop a work plan for the project. The Subcontractor PI will prepare a proposal with a work scope, budget and budget justification. That proposal must be approved by the authorized business official of the Subcontractor Institution on either a Letter of Intent (LOI) or signed PHS398 Face Page, and all four documents submitted to the UW PI for incorporation into the UW proposal.

For complete details, see Subcontracts for Research (GIM 7).