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Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

Sponsor-Specific Information


To reduce delays, get access to sponsor systems early in your proposal development timeline. See the sponsor-specific information below for details.

Regardless of sponsor system roles and functionality, OSP usually submits applications or proposals directly in the sponsor system. In some limited cases, OSP will complete its review and approve the application, providing a signed letter of intent on the approved eGC1.

System Access & Submission

Sponsor Proposal Submission System OSP Registers PI Registers PI Uploads to Proposal PI Grants OSP Access to Proposal OSP Submits Sponsor System1
Office of Naval Research (ONR) Grants.gov        
NSF Fastlane 2 3 Fastlane
NOAA Grants.gov       NOAA Grants Online
NIH Grants.gov 4     eRA Commons
HRSA Grants.gov       Electronic Handbook (EHB)
Dept. of Education Grants.gov       G5
Dept. of Justice Grants.gov       GMS
Various Foundations proposalCENTRAL 5  
American Heart Association Grants@Heart       Grants@Heart

1 Some proposal submission systems (i.e. Grants.gov and proposalCENTRAL) are submission portals only, and are not sponsor systems. Also some sponsors have their own systems which receive applications from Grants.gov. These systems may or may not be used by UW campus personnel.

2 OSP registers the PI in Fastlane

3 Some NSF pre-proposals are submitted by the PI, not OSP.

4 PI must register in eRA Commons

5 Some proposalCENTRAL proposals are submitted by PI, not OSP.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

For NASA proposal, researchers must register in NSPIRES and request affiliation with the University of Washington. OSP confirms or denies affiliations. The application process includes completing all elements in the system, including the Proposal Summary, Business Data, Budget, Program Specific Data, and Proposal Team. Investigators must upload their final proposal as an attachment and must link their proposals to allow OSP to view. To allow OSP to submit, they must lock their proposals in NSPIRES.

When routing your NASA application on the SAGE eGC1, don't forget to download a PDF copy of the application from Fastlane and attach it. This will be used by campus and OSP during the review process and meets audit requirements.

National Science Foundation (NSF)

Principal Investigator's will need to be registered in Fastlane in order to prepare and submit proposals.  OSP has the ability to register PI's as well as department administrators; please contact your OSP Administrator or Grant & Contract Coordinator to get access. The NSF website has detailed instructions for proposal preparation. Once the PI has completed the proposal in Fastlane the PI will allow “SRO access” which gives OSP the ability to see the proposal and will review and submit to NSF. 

When routing your NSF application on the SAGE eGC1, don't forget to download a PDF copy of the application from Fastlane and attach it. This will be used by campus and OSP during the review process and meets audit requirements.

Foundations using proposalCENTRAL

proposal CENTRAL is a portal system used by many non-profit organizations. Principal Investigator's must create their own account on the Proposal Central website. The PI can give department staff access to relevant proposals in the system. All UW proposals MUST be routed to OSP and OSP must submit the application on behalf of the UW. To give OSP access follow the following steps:

  1. Log into Proposal Central and open the relevant proposal
  2. From left hand side of screen select 'Enable Other Users to Access this proposal'
  3. To add OSP go to the end of the screen and in the 'User Selector' box type 'osp@uw.edu' Then select 'find user'.
  4. Lynette Arias will appear above in the 'Proposal Access Rights' box
  5. Type her role into the relevant box - i.e. Business or Signing Official
  6. From the 'Permissions' drop down on the right hand side of the screen select 'Administrator'
  7. The user also has the option to have auto notifications for this proposal sent to OSP by ticking the 'Auto Notify' check box.
  8. Select 'Accept Changes' and it is done.