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Sample Replacement Salary Budget and OPUS Implementation Instructions

Dr. Sara Smith received a RRF Scholar award and will not be teaching her regularly scheduled class, Math 124, during spring quarter. The department has hired Dr. Charlie Harris to teach Math 124 for Dr. Sara Smith.

Six weeks before the start of spring quarter, a memo is prepared by the department and is sent to Barbara Thompson, Office of Research, Box 351202; this memo must be signed by the department chair and the dean.

To: Barbara Thompson, Office of Research
From: Dr. Jones, Chair Mathematics
Subject: RRF Scholar award for Dr. Sara Smith

Replacement teaching during spring quarter 2017 for Dr. Sara Smith will be provided by:

Name/Rank: Charlie Harris, Part-time Lecturer
Course Info: Math 124, Calculus with Analytic Geometry, 5 credit hours
Actual replacement salary (excluding benefits): $6,000


Dean of School/College

As per this example, the Office of Research will establish a grant sub-budget with $6,000 in category 01 (salaries), and $1,518 in 07 (benefits). Dr. Smith, the RRF Scholar, is to be paid from this new budget. The benefit amount is calculated by taking the salary, $6,000 x .253 (Dr. Smith’s benefit rate). The Office of Research will notify the departmental administrator once a budget number is established with the appropriate amount of funds.

To implement this example, the department must add a distribution line in OPUS such that $6,000 of Dr. Sara Smith’s salary is paid on the RRF sub-budget for 3/16/17 – 6/15/17.

The replacement instructor, Dr. Charlie Harris, is paid on the departmental budget using the funds that are now available since Dr. Sara Smith is being paid partially on her RRF grant.