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Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

How to Fill Out a Purchase Req. for a Subcontract in PAS

The instructions below are specific to requesting a purchase requisition for an outgoing subcontract.

Step 1

Introduction Screen

  • Enter 1: Requisition Entry.

Step 2

Introduction Screen

  • Enter the primary budget number to be used to fund the subcontractor.
    Note: More than one (1) budget cannot be used. Prime sponsor funding cannot be co-mingled with other funding.

Step 3

General Data

  • Confirm auto-populated fields.
  • Always select No for attachments.
    Note: The service begin and end dates must align with the prime sponsor budget period and available funding.

Step 4


  • Record the Purchase Requisition (PR) number when you get to this screen so that you are able to return to PAS and find this requisition in the future.

Step 5


  • OSP outgoing subcontract staff cannot complete the subcontract without an official, signed work scope and budget approved by the UW PI or designee.

Step 6


  • Look up the vendor's name in PAS, using Vendor Search (Enter 7 in Action box).
  • Select the appropriate vendor name.
    Note: The vendor name is the same as the Subcontractor.

Step 7


  • Enter the dollar amount in the Unit-Price box (do not include pennies).
  • Always enter 03-62 in the Object code box.
    If you enter another object code, the requisition will not be processed by OSP Staff.
    Note: You can only fund what you have available and the authority to do under the prime award.

Step 8


  • Confirm the total amount of subcontract, and that no Washington taxes will be charged.
  • If modifications need to be made, enter the number 4

Step 9

Sole Source Options

  • Always enter 2 in the choice field.

Step 10

Sole Source Options

  • Type one of the two options. If the second option is selected, provide a scientific or technical description of the collaboration between the two PIs.

Step 11

Requisition Recap

  • This screen is a summary of all the information previously entered.
  • Enter 6 (Encumber) to send the PR to OSP to begin the preparation of the subcontract document.

For more information visit the PAS Requisition Entry page.