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Two New Programs for Visiting Students

Posted on November 24, 2010 at 8:22am

Many UW faculty, staff, and administrators have asked for a quick description of the two new UW programs to provide visas for international non-matriculated graduate students coming to the UW for one-year internship programs (the Visiting International Student Internship and Training Program, or VISIT) or for two-year non-matriculated research fellowships (the Visiting International Students Engaged in Research Program, or VISER).


Please see descriptions of the two programs below, which are administered on a fee basis by UW Professional and Continuing Education.


If you have questions about either of these programs, please contact uwvisit@uw.edu for additional details.


As always, if you have general questions about UW’s policies on global research, education, and training, feel free to contact me at vpoga@uw.edu.



Steve Hanson



Stephen E. Hanson

Herbert J. Ellison Professor

Vice Provost for Global Affairs

University of Washington







The Visiting International Student Internship and Training Program (VISIT)

VISIT permits students pursuing degrees at foreign universities to participate in full-time supervised research and work-based learning experiences at the University of Washington. Applicants may request a maximum stay of up to twelve months for each degree level. VISIT internships must consist of at least 32 hours of structured activities per week and may not duplicate any previous experience the intern has had.  Clerical work may not exceed 20% of the internship, and must not involve unskilled or entry-level labor, or clinical or other tasks related to patient care or contact.


VISIT program links:

Information for Academic Departments or Programs Interested in Hosting a Visiting Intern

http://elp.washington.edu/elp/programs/2318/deptinfo.asp (for administrators)


Visiting International Student Internship & Training Program (VISIT)

http://elp.washington.edu/elp/programs/2318/default.asp (for potential or current interns)


The Visiting International Students Engaged in Research Program (VISER)

VISER permits students pursuing degrees at foreign universities to engage for a period between 13 to 24 months in a full-time prescribed course of study with a specific educational objective at the University of Washington.  VISER students must either be substantially supported by their home government or other non-personal sources, or be part of a written exchange agreement between the UW and the foreign educational institution, which is signed by the Vice Provost of Global Affairs. 

VISER program link:



Stipends for VISIT and VISER Interns

VISIT and VISER interns enter the United States on J-1 visas.  Although they cannot receive wages or any type of payment for work, they may receive a stipend from the UW, which requires no service expectations or employment relationship.  Such payments may not be funded by any externally-funded award unless the award sponsor specifically approves payment of a stipend to an international visitor.


Please contact uwvisit@uw.edu or 3-6242 (International & English Language Programs, UWEO) for more information about VISIT and VISER internships.


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