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DDC Email: Impact to Research of the Federal Government Shutdown

Posted on October 1, 2013 at 11:30am

The following email was sent to UW Deans, Directors and Chairs (DDC).

Sent: Tuesday, October 01, 2013 9:58 AM
To: uwddc@uw.edu
Subject: Impact to Research of the Federal Government Shutdown


The partial shutdown of the federal government began at midnight last night. There will be some impacts to the functionality of federal systems. We want to pass along what we know and share some resources. Each unit on campus should review the pertinent information for those federal agencies that they interact with the most for potential impacts.


Federal Response and Resources

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is the best place to get up-to-date information on how individual agencies will respond to shutdown. They now have a web page that includes the list of contingency plans for each federal agency. 


NIH has issued a notice with information for the grantee community (NOT-OD-13-126). If you have an NIH grant with an upcoming deadline, please see this guidance.


Normally, routine, ongoing operational and administrative activities relating to contract or grant administration (including payment processing) cannot continue when there is a gap in funding. Therefore, agency employees who are paid with annual appropriations and who perform an activity associated with contract or grant administration (including oversight, inspection, payment, or accounting) will generally not continue work during a funding hiatus.


However, active grant and contract activity funded with FY2013 (or prior year) appropriations can continue. In these cases, agency personnel most likely will not be available for approvals, supervisory support, and other administrative functions, but each agency will handle this a little differently.


Office of Sponsored Programs

OSP will continue to provide general and sponsor-specific information as we become aware of it. In those cases where award-specific guidance is provided by a sponsor, we will immediately notify the PI and Administrative Contact on the eGC1. This may include “stop work” actions. Please contact your OSP Teammates for guidance regarding sponsor communications specific to your funding awards.


OSP will send regular communications to MRAM (Monthly Research Administrators Meetings) with updates or additional information until the Federal budget situation is resolved. Please check with your unit administrator for ongoing information.


Human Subjects Division

The shutdown will have negative effects on some human subjects research. Thankfully, the impact will most likely be limited to some new studies that have not yet received IRB approval, where delays for a variety of reasons are possible. The attached table summarizes the information we have at present. It also includes suggestions for action and possible mitigation.


HSD will provide new information and updates as we receive them. If you experience other negative impacts, please contact HSD so they can explore mitigation avenues and share the information campus-wide. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Karen Moe Karen Moe, Director of the Human Subjects Division at kemoe@uw.edu  or hsdinfo@uw.edu .


In short, we expect there to be a minimal immediate effect on the UW for a shutdown lasting only a few days. A shutdown that stretches a week or longer may begin to present challenges for the university. We will continue to keep campus informed as this process moves forward and new information emerges. 


Please share with department chairs, administrators, and faculty. We will provide updates as we move forward.


Mary Lidstrom,

Vice Provost for Research



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