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Posted on April 12, 2013 at 1:46pm

Sent: Friday, April 12, 2013 10:34 AM
To: REEport
Subject: NIFA Transition from CRIS Web Forms to REEport


To:  Users of CRIS Web Forms and the New REEport System (to Replace CRIS Web Forms)


We are casting the widest possible net with this email to try to reach as many project directors and institutional representatives as possible who receive grants from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA).  You are receiving this email because your email address is associated with one or more of our grant projects within the Current Research Information System (CRIS).  


NIFA has been working for the past three years on a grants reporting system to replace the CRIS web forms data entry system.  On May 6, 2013, the Research, Education, and Extension project online reporting tool (REEport) will be launched to replace that system.   REEport will implement the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR); a standard format which all federal government research granting agencies must implement.


There are a couple of resources I want to direct your attention as we launch REEport in case you have not already visited.


1.       The REEport Implementation web page located at http://www.nifa.usda.gov/business/reeport_imp.html contains training materials, newsletters, and the REEport user manual. 

2.       The NIFA Reporting Web Conference Series located at http://www.nifa.usda.gov/rwc contains recording, slides, and Question & Answer documents from the Reporting Web conferences we have held on grant reporting over the past few years.


Both resources should be helpful to you if you report on grant projects received from NIFA.


The REEport deployment schedule is as follows:


April 15, 2013 – CRIS Webforms Blackout Begins

April 26, 2013 – The NIFA Reporting Portal Blackout Begins

May 6, 2013 – REEport Deploys and is open for Business


The March 19, 2013 newsletter explains the deployment schedule.  It can be found on the REEport Implementation web page described above.


If you receive a grant from NIFA and used to report on them in CRIS web forms, please visit the websites described above. 


The customer service contacts for REEport are Adam Preuter and Laura Wascavage.  They can be reached via the REEport email address (reeport@nifa.usda.gov) or at the REEport hotline at 202-690-0009.  The REEport email address will evoke the quickest response since more than one person monitors that email box.


Thank you for your patience as we transition from CRIS web forms to REEport.


Bart Hewitt

Director –  Planning, Accountability, and Reporting Staff

Office of the Director
National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Voice:  202-720-0747

Email:  bhewitt@nifa.usda.gov


Agency Web site:  http://www.nifa.usda.gov

Planning and Accountability Web site:  http://www.nifa.usda.gov/opa/


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