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NSF Requiring Progress Report Submission via Research.gov

Posted on January 28, 2013 at 10:50am

NSF is implementing a new reporting service on Research.gov that adopts the RPPR format. This will replace NSF’s annual, final and interim project reporting on Fastlane. As of February 1st, 2013, progress reports will not be submitted via Fastlane. Instead, reports will be prepared and submitted via Research.gov. NSF intends to have Research.gov reporting capabilities available as of March 18th.

NSF has extended the overdue date:

  • By 45 days for reports due between January 31st and March 31st
  • By 30 days for reports due between April 1st and April 30th

Please view the NSF webinar posted on our RPPR webpage or check with your NSF program officer for more information.

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