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Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)


Changes to NSF Proposal Project Summary & Deadlines

Posted on December 26, 2012 at 10:10am

Dear Colleagues,


NSF has a new version of its Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide, effective for proposals due on or after January 14, 2013.  


Of particular note are the new requirements for the Project Summary.  As of January 14th, the Project Summary in Fastlane will contain three text boxes:  The Overview, the Intellectual Merits and Broader Impacts.  NSF has a set of FAQs regarding this change. 

If you are working on an NSF proposal now with a deadline that is January 14th or later, all text you have already entered into Project Summary will be placed in the “Overview” text box as of January 14th, leaving both Intellectual Merits and Broader Impacts text boxes blank.  This will cause a rejection of your application, if submitted this way.   

#1 What does this mean for a UW PI preparing an NSF proposal due January 14th or later, but plans to submit early (i.e. prior to January 14th)?

You need to address all three sections required in the Project Summary, even though the three text boxes are not yet available in Fastlane.  Please see the NSF FAQs for more information and details (FAQ #13).

#2 What does this mean for a UW PI submitting an NSF proposal on or after January 14th?

* For any NSF proposal with a sponsor due date ON January 14th:

OSP is moving your internal deadline date up one day.  Please be aware, you must have your proposal into OSP, Ready to Submit, by January 8th.   You will need to address all three sections required in the Project Summary, even though the three text boxes are not yet available in FastlaneOSP will submit by January 11th.  This is to ensure a successful submission of your application.

* For any NSF proposal due January 15th or 16th, you have two choices:

·         Submit early (i.e. before January 14th).  See the option in #1.


·         OSP is allowing a one time exception to the internal UW deadline (GIM 19), for NSF applications with a sponsor due date of January 15th or 16th.  This is to ensure you are able to access the new Project Summary format in Fastlane on the 14th.  Be sure to route your eGC1 and allow access to the draft proposal for OSP review at the standard seven days prior to sponsor deadline.  When your OSP Administrator/Grant and Contract Coordinator returns the eGC1 to you with OSP review comments, we will include a note to “update your Project Summary per new NSF requirements”.  Please be sure that you give OSP access to your final Ready To Submit proposal in Fastlane on the 14th by noon, so OSP can ensure timely submission.

*For any NSF proposal due the 17th or later, all regular internal deadlines apply.

Please contact your OSP Administrator with questions about the NSF changes or the above deadlines.  You can check the NSF funding opportunity list for specific NSF RFPs with due dates falling between January 14th and 16th.

Thank you –


Carol Rhodes
Interim Director

Office of Sponsored Programs

University of Washington


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