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Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)


New Sponsor Policy on Conferences

Posted on June 21, 2012 at 9:44am

Dear Colleagues,


Included below is an announcement from the Dept of Justice regarding the new policy on conferences. Unfortunately  I think we will be seeing even more agencies addressing this issue.

Highlights include:

·         Cooperative Agreements and Contracts that include meeting expenses must have prior approval even if the expenses were included in the budget.

·         Grants do not need additional prior approval but all policy requirements must be followed.

·         No food or refreshment cost will be allowed.





Dear OJP Grant Recipient:


This e-mail is to notify you of two important updates regarding federally-funded conferences.  


First, the Department of Justice has just released new conference cost policies and procedures.  While the advance notice and approval requirements included in the new conference costs policies and procedures pertain only to cooperative agreement recipients and contractors, grant recipients must ensure compliance with the food/beverage, meeting room/audio-visual, logistical planner and programmatic planner limitations and cost thresholds.


Second, OJP is also pleased to announce the rollout of our new conference web page, “Policy and Guidance for Conference Approval, Planning, and Reporting,” which provides a comprehensive, single source of information on conference-related policies and procedures, including the conference planning and advance approval process, cost reporting requirements, and reporting forms and tools.  This page incorporates newly released conference cost policies and procedures from the Department of Justice. The web page also provides: 

  • a “What’s New” section that highlights changes in the content;
  • an “RSS Feed” subscription service that allows the reader to receive updates automatically when  changes are made to the content;
  • a section for answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs); and,
  • a history of changes to the policy.

We are committed to providing you the most accurate information as quickly as possible.  We welcome your feedback at ask.ocfo@ojp.usdoj.gov  and intend to update this page with your suggestions and questions.


We appreciate very much your patience over the last several months as these guidelines have evolved.    


Mary Lou Leary

Acting Assistant Attorney General

Office of Justice Programs

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