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New IDC Policy from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Posted on February 8, 2012 at 9:29am

Dear Colleagues,
We have good news from the Gates Foundation on F&A recovery. Last week the Gates Foundation announced a new policy on F&A for grants and contracts. The policy is attached below but we have provided a few key points as well.
· The UW Foundation may receive 15% F&A. Therefore we will submit all proposals from UW through the UW Foundation and then transfer the award to the UW through OSP. We have discussed this with Gates Foundation in the spirit of transparency.
· The policy covers both grants and contracts.
· The policy allows full F&A on most direct cost categories. The list is provided in the policy and also included is a listing of costs that Gates considers indirect costs. Direct costs include:
Administrative and clerical salaries may be charged as a direct cost,
Sub-grants and sub-contracts
Travel and per diem
· Certain items will be considered direct costs only if directly attributable to the project AND newly acquired for the project including. If they are direct costs, F&A may be calculated:
Equipment may be a direct cost if newly purchased for the project
Facility charges will be direct costs only if they are newly acquired or newly expanded specifically for the project.
· Rates and limitations apply to both sub-awardees and prime awardees. Each may receive F&A up to their applicable rate.
· Community Colleges are now eligible for a 10% F&A rate.
· Submit your proposal through the UW Foundation.
· Dr. Connie Kravas will be the signatory on the proposal.
· The proposal will be submitted by the UW Foundation on behalf of the University of Washington
· Proposals should use the address (see below) and EIN (94-3079432) for the UW Foundation.
· The payment address is the UW Foundation rather than  GCA.
· The award will be made to the UW Foundation
· When the award is made, the UW Foundation will facilitate transferring the award to the UW through OSP.
· An eGC1 will be completed by the PI/Department and sent through SAGE for routing to OSP.
· OSP Administrator will review the agreement and negotiate the agreement with the Gates Foundatoin as necessary.  OSP will then forward the agreement with the acceptable terms and conditions to Connie Kravas for her signature
· Upon receipt of the signed agreement from the UW Foundation, OSP Administrator will issue a Funding Action and release it to GCA to establish account.
NOTE: Submitting the proposal through the UW Foundation will not affect the normal re-allocation of F&A to campus.
If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact either Dondi Cupp, Assistant Vice President for Corporate and Foundation Relations or to Lynne Chronister. Our contact information is below.
Thank you,
Lynne and Dondi
University of Washington Foundation
407 Gerberding Hall
Box 351210
Seattle, WA 98195-1210
Lynne Chronister
Ass’t Vice Provost for Research and
Director of Sponsored Programs
Dondi Cupp
Assistant Vice President for Corporate & Foundation Relations
and Constituency Programs

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