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Prepare Proposal

Name Description Owner
Export Control Decision Tree This web-based tool assists users in determining the export compliance needed for a specific project. OSP
Export Control Worksheet The UW Export Control Worksheet is an internal UW document completed by the exporter and provided to the Office of Sponsored Programs. The Worksheet prompts from you the necessary information about the items you plan to ship or take with you outside the United States, the end-use of the item, and the end-users. OSP
doc file icon F&A Waiver This form is used to request the use of a non-approved F&A rate for a specific sponsored project. OSP
FIDS (Financial Interest Disclosure System) The Financial Interest Disclosure System (FIDS) is the interface research investigators use to disclose Significant Financial Interests (SFI) in accordance with the UW's Financial Conflicts of Interest policy as defined in Grants Information Memorandum (GIM) 10. ORIS
GIM 19 Waiver This link is used to request a waiver of the University's 3 business day, Ready To Submit deadline for submitting proposals to sponsor. OSP
Grants.gov at UW The UW webpage about Grants.gov. OSP
SAGE Budget SAGE Budget is a web-based tool that enables you to create accurate and detailed budgets for your sponsored project proposals. ORIS
SAGE eGC1 The eGC1 (Electronic Grant and Contract form #1) in SAGE (System to Administer Grants Electronically) is a web-based tool that facilitates the review, approval, and submission of UW sponsored project proposals. ORIS
SAGE Grant Runner Grant Runner combines the eGC1 and sponsor forms for some NIH funding opportunities requiring SF424 R&R forms, including Modular, Detailed and Subaward Budgets. With the click of a button, OSP can electronically submit your application via Grants.gov to the sponsor. ORIS

Time of Award

Name Description Owner
Advance Budget Number The Principal Investigator of a contract, grant or other agreement may request authorization to spend a limited amount of money during a specified period on an Advance Budget Number prior to the receipt of an executed award from the Sponsor. Acquiring an advance budget number is a two step process, eligibility and request. OSP
doc file icon Reseach Affiliation Agreement This agreement template is used to document the collaborative relationship between UW and a non-profit corporation to facilitate research or adademic activities. OSP
Signature Delegation PI uses this form to delegate spending authority to others in the research group or department. OSP
doc file icon Research Agreement Sample This template may be used to document a basic sponsored research agreement between the UW and an external entity. OSP

Manage Award

Name Description Owner
Budget Extension This form is used to request the extension of a project end date. OSP
End of Award Request Form to request OSP processing for early termination, deobligation, relinquishment / transfer or fixed price transfer to surplus (>25%) OSP
GrantTracker GCA tool to look up post award financial information or to request assistance from GCA. GCA
RPPR Federal-wide progress report format for use by federal agencies that provide sponsored funding. DHHS
pdf file icon W-9 Tax form often requested by sponsors. OSP


Name Description Owner
xls file icon Cost Share Addendum Use this form and tool to calculate and document cost share sources, amounts and types. OSP/GCA
Cost Share Calulator Calculates % and $ amount of cost share by FEC cycle. GCA
doc file icon Cost Share Instructions Instructions to record a cost share commitment or a change in the commitment. GCA
xls file icon Person Months Interactive Calculator Converts percent effort to calendar months effort. GCA
doc file icon Preclinical Trial Nondisclosure Agreement A commitment agreement that the PI will not share proprietary information during pre-study discussions. OSP
Status Checker Status Checker displays information on all transactions (AA, CO, NAA, PAN, PAC) related to eGC1s that have been approved by OSP and have been entered, reassigned, or experienced a status change within the past 60 days. OSP/ORIS
Washington Innovation Advantage Program Options (WIAP):
pdf file icon Non-Exclusive Commercial License & Option to Negotiate Exclusive License (WIAP 1)
pdf file icon Exclusive Commercial License (WIAP 2)
pdf file icon Option for IP License (WIAP 3)
"Pre-packaged" intellectual property licenses for use as-is with sponsored programs. Read more from CoMotion. CoMotion