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Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

Gifts vs. Sponsored Projects

Managing Gifts

All checks made payable to the "University of Washington Foundation" for charitable donations should be sent directly to:

Gift Processing
University Advancement
Box 359505
Seattle, WA 98195-9505

Determining Reviewing Institution

If there are difficulties in classification, the department Development officers and the department Chair will conduct the review. If there is ambiguity, the Vice Provost for Research will make the final determination

Spending Gift Funds with Sponsored Projects

Classification is determined at the time the funds are provided. Should the funds later be used as a sponsored project, then it is the responsibility of the faculty member and their departmental Chair to comply with any resulting compliance issues.

Your Award is a Gift When...

A gift is the voluntary provision of external support by a donor to the University, without any requirement for receipt of any economic or other tangible benefit in return.

  • The external support is irrevocable
  • Sponsor doesn't require financial reporting or accounting

Your Award is a Sponsored Project When...

A sponsored project is a project that receives external support (including research, scholarly work, training, workshops, and services) and includes defined performance requirements.

Awards from government agencies are always considered sponsored projects, not gifts.

A project that receives funding from a non-governmental entity shall be considered a sponsored project if it is subject to conditions such as:

  • the requirement of deliverables;
  • refund of support due to failure to meet performance requirements;
  • when support is provided for research-related patient care services or to test the sponsor's products or services.