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Export Compliance: UW Deemed Export Compliance Attestation

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The Deemed Export Compliance Attestation for H-1B Sponsors is a University of Washington form. The form captures information required in order for the University of Washington Office of Sponsored Programs to determine whether an export control license is required prior to an H-1B Visa beneficiary accessing certain data, technology, software or material.


The Department of Homeland Security requires each employer sponsoring an H-1B nonimmigrant worker to make certifications regarding the release of controlled technology or technical data to foreign persons in the United States. This certification is required on every H-1B visa application beginning February 20, 2011.


To assist with the completion of the Attestation, the Export Control Memorandum includes information on the export control regulations and how the regulations are applied. Each Attestation must be signed by the beneficiary's supervisor, the sponsoring department Chair, and the applicable Dean/Chancellor, or Dean's Office Research Representative. The completed signed Attestation must be submitted to exports@uw.edu as an attachment.