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Office of Research (OR)

About the Vice Provost for Research

Preparing Leaders of Change

Posted on November 14, 2014 at 9:18am

Integration of Research and Education: Inspiring Students to Excellence

Research is foundational for our future, with major impacts on the region and the world. We are investing in our future and enabling research advances that maintain our competitiveness, even in the face of a restricted federal funding climate. One of our competitive strengths is our focus on recruiting top faculty and students.

Research strongly supports our educational mission by providing experiential learning opportunities for a broad range of students. It is estimated that in FY14, external research funding at the UW provided about $250M towards supporting such experiential learning opportunities for our students! In the classroom, faculty bring the excitement of their research, inspiring new generations of students. The strength of this paradigm of integrating research and education is evidenced by the fact that in those disciplines in which externally funded research is common, the UW Distinguished Teaching Award winners are all strong researchers, including our own Provost! Some of our most impactful researchers are also nationally acclaimed educators.

Our goal is to provide students with the resources they need for academic success, and to support our faculty with the collaborative tools and networks necessary to do research and teach using sophisticated methods.