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Call for Applications - ITHS Core Services Voucher Awards

Posted on November 10, 2011 at 3:51pm


ITHS Core Services Voucher Awards for Pilot Studies

Application Due Date: December 27, 2011


The Institute of Translational Health Sciences (ITHS, iths.org) is pleased to announce the availability of voucher awards for ITHS Core Services, designed to assist investigators in conducting small pilot studies. These voucher awards provide access only to the ITHS core services listed on the application rather than providing direct funding to the researcher.

These vouchers are designed to assist faculty members (or those with equivalent titles) in obtaining preliminary findings, testing “proof of concept,” or conducting other research activities designed to prepare and support competitive, full-scale grant applications.

Projects are one year in length, with a possible no-cost extension. You may request a combination of ITHS core services totaling $10,000 or one service priced greater than $10,000.


(1)   Join the ITHS if you are not currently a member https://www.iths.org/membership

(2)   Go to our Pilot Funding Page https://www.iths.org/funding and complete application at:https://www.iths.org/sites/www.iths.org/files/funding/applications/Small_Pilot_Application_Core_Services_Only.pdf

(3)    Submit your application to ithsapps@uw.edu

Applications will be reviewed by the ITHS Leadership Team in January, with awards announced early in February.

Questions about the process?  Contact Kathy Long at ithsapps@uw.edu


Questions about eligibility?  See https://www.iths.org/funding/pi   Contact Kathy Long at ithsapps@uw.edu with questions.

Questions about specific core services?  Contact those identified in the list at the end of the application.

Questions about how to get started? Contact Beth Hacker, ithsnav@uw.edu

To learn more about the ITHS please click on: https://www.iths.org/about

Attached. List of Core Services available. Application for Core Services

Kathleen Long
CSR Project Manager
Institute of Translational Health Sciences
University of Washington
(206) 616-9195   Box 358051
The Institute is supported by grant UL1RR025014 from the NIH National Center for Research Resources.  Please help us continue to support your research by citing our grant number in publications we supported.


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