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New Online Reporting for National Endowment for the Arts Awards

Posted on November 22, 2010 at 3:53pm

From: grants@arts.gov
Sent: Monday, November 22, 2010 1:06 PM
Subject: Important information regarding the required Final Descriptive Report
Importance: High



Dear National Endowment for the Arts Award Recipient: 


Important information regarding the required Final Descriptive Report


Last year, the Final Descriptive Report (FDR) was expanded to three parts to include the Geographic Location of Project Activity form (GEO) as Part III.  Today, we announce that the GEO component must now be completed online (the paper version is no longer available).   The online version is on the NEA’s website at www.arts.gov  under the Manage Your Award section.


Go to www.nea.gov/manageaward/Organizations.*  The online GEO is accessible through the FDR link in the Final Reports section.  Click on “Final Descriptive Report including the NEW Online GEO.”  This will take you to the FDR web page with links to “Part I & II:  Narrative and Activity Data” and “Part III:  Geographic Location of Project Activity.”   Fax “Part I & II” to the Grants & Contracts Office at 202/682-5609 or 5610. 


Click on the link to the online GEO to enter the location of project activity.  Enter your award number to find the General Instructions.  You do not have to input all the data at once.  You will be able to save drafts of the GEO right up until you click the “Finalize Report” button to submit it.  Review “Frequently Asked Questions” here before you begin.  We strongly encourage you to print out the instructions before you begin.


Please remember that all three parts of the FDR must be submitted for the FDR to be complete.


If you have any questions regarding the online GEO, please contact the Office of Research & Analysis at 202-682-5420 or geoquestions@arts.gov.  If you have questions on “Part I & II: Narrative and Activity Data” of the FDR, contact the Final Reports Officer in the Grants & Contracts Office at 202-682-5403.


Thank you,


Grants & Contracts Office

National Endowment for the Arts

Room 618



*For Cooperative Agreements go to www.arts.gov/manageaward/CoopAgreements.


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