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Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)


NIH Deadlines - Letter from Lynne Chronister

Posted on February 9, 2010 at 11:59am

Dear Colleagues:


Friday, the 5th of February was a big NIH deadline and we want to say thank you to campus. Proposals generally got into OSP in great shape and were Ready to Submit in good time.  As a result, frequently after multiple tries, OSP was able to successfully submit all of the proposals by the deadline. However, we did have great difficulty in getting them through the pipeline. The Grants.Gov website is now down until Wednesday the 10th of February. We are hoping that we do not get too many error messages and since Grants.gov took down the website, we will respond to any error messages as soon as possible.


We have another challenge coming up! Since February 16th is another NIH deadline, I would like to strongly encourage early submission to OSP in part due to the difficulty we had getting the proposals submitted for last Friday’s deadline. In addition, with the holiday on the 15th of February, the OSP absolute deadline is Thursday the 11th  of February. We will need the proposals by Tuesday the 9th of February at the latest for a thorough review to ensure timely submission to  Grants.gov, OSP will need to have all proposals submitted to Grants.gov by no later that Friday the 12th of February.


On February 17th certification updates with Grants.gov will be taking place.. This certification is required by Grants. Gov. If you are submitting a Grant Runner application for the February 16th deadline and see an error message on the History, contact your OSP administrator for the correct status information. The Grants.gov emails will continue to provide correct status information.


Thank you,




Lynne Chronister,

Ass’t Vice Provost for Research and

Director of Sponsored Programs



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