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We Have Changed eGC1 Routing Capabilities

Posted on October 24, 2012 at 9:06am

To ensure a smoother handoff between departments and OSP, and to enhance eGC1 owners’ ability to communicate to OSP via SAGE, we made the following changes:

  • When the Ready To Submit (RTS) question on the Certify and Route page of the eGC1 is marked “yes”, eGC1 owners are no longer be able to withdraw the eGC1 once it is In OSP status. Marking an eGC1 “RTS” is the PI’s communication to OSP that the application is ready for submission to the sponsor. OSP will submit the application to the sponsor when the proposal has received all required institutional review and approval. If eGC1 owners need to make changes to the application after marking it “RTS”, they must contact OSP and request they return the eGC1.
  • All eGC1s, no matter how they are submitted to the sponsor, have an RTS question on the Certify & Route page.
  • For more information about Ready to Submit, see GIM 19. Remember! Route your eGC1 with draft science but final business and administrative sections for institutional review and approval by seven days prior to the sponsor deadline. After your eGC1 is reviewed, update it with the final science, respond to review comments, mark it “RTS”, and you are good to go!
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