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Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)


New Energy Efficient Grants for Higher Ed Institutions

Posted on July 2, 2012 at 2:44pm

The Washington State Department of Commerce (Commerce) is pleased to announce our new energy efficient grants for higher education institutions and local governments. Washington’s 2012 Special Session Capital Budget included an appropriation of $38 million for energy savings grants.

  • $18 million was appropriated for local governments (10 percent set aside for small cities or towns, population 5,000 or less)

  • $20 million was appropriated for higher educational institutions.


Commerce’s grants will be awarded in two rounds.


  • Round One applications are due July 2, 2012.
  • Round Two applications are due December 31, 2012.

Applications for both rounds will be available May 24, 2012 on Commerce’s website (http://www.commerce.wa.gov> www.commerce.wa.gov)

The attached fact sheet provides more information about Commerce’s two new programs. Please forward this fact sheet or email to all of your members and contacts.

For more information about these programs please contact:

Pat Gibbon
360.725.3023 or <mailto:patricia.gibbon@commerce.wa.gov>

Tom Stilz
360.725.4045 or <mailto:tom.stilz@commerce.wa.gov>

We look forward to working with everyone. We are very excited to be able to
make our higher educational institutions and local governments more energy
efficient and to create jobs in Washington.

Grants Handout

Bill Cole | Managing Director | Community Capital Facilities |
Washington State Department of Commerce | 360.725.3005 |
mailto:bill.cole@commerce.wa.gov> bill.cole@commerce.wa.gov

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