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Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

New Budget Setup

OSP Receives Award and Issues Notification via eFA (Funding Action)

The budget number can be obtained from FIN (online administrative system on keynes.u.washington.edu) under:

  • Financial Index Inquiry
  • Budget Number Lists
  • Budget Number List by Organization Code (or by Principal Investigator)

The budget number will also be available the day after it is put online in

Process Overview

  1. Principal Investigator (PI) submits a proposal package to Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). See GIM 1: Review and Submission Requirements for Proposals.
  2. Sponsor notifies University of the award. If the department receives the award first, the department must forward the award plus all attachments to OSP. If necessary, OSP negotiates specifics of grant/contract awards with sponsors on behalf of the University.
  3. University accepts the award by returning an appropriately signed form to the sponsor.
  4. OSP prepares and issues an eFA and sends award information electronically to GCA. The attachments include the award documents, copies of GC-1, GC-1 addendum, and the budget portion of the proposal relevant to post award accounting. OSP issues an eFA to GCA when all compliance issues have been addressed.
  5. Upon receipt of the eFA and attachments from OSP, the appropriate team in GCA assigns a budget number and enters the budget information into the Financial Accounting System (FAS).
  6. Department can now find the budget number online. Also, goods and services can now be charged to this project.
  7. GCA emails the PI and contacts listed on the GC-1, the new budget number.