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Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)


ASSIST (Application Submission System & Interface for Submission Tracking) is NIH's optional on-line system used for the preparation and submission of grant applications through Grants.gov to NIH.

ASSIST is now an option for Most Competing Programs:

  • Starting in September 2015, ASSIST was opened to most competing single-project applications (See NOT-OD-15-044 for more information).
  • The use of ASSIST is not required. It is provided as an option for submission.

ASSIST will become an option for additional NIH grant programs throughout 2015.

See NOT-OD-15-098 for timeline and details.

Submitting a project application via ASSIST? Interested in participating in an ASSIST User Group? Please email:

Aron Knapp
Associate Director of Systems and Information Management
aronk@uw.edu with the subject line: ASSIST User Group Interest.

Log in to ASSIST using your eRA Commons account. Please see your department administrator if you need an account.


Presentations and Webinars

Submission Process

All proposals must be validated successfully in eRA ASSIST before routing the eGC1 to OSP for review. To be able to validate the application components, the application must be moved to “final” status, although this does not prohibit revisions at a later time.

Campus will change the status of their ASSIST application to "all components final", validate it, answer "No" to the RTS question on the eGC1, and route it to OSP with draft science. Then the Department or PI can move the application back to "work in progress" status. This will allow the Department or PI to add the final version of the science and make any changes requested by OSP.

Proposals must be re-validated after any changes are made to the core or project sections of the application. This will leverage the system functionality and ensure a successful electronic submission.

Only when the application is moved to “Ready for Submission” in ASSIST is the application locked down. The application must be in this status when the eGC1 is marked "Yes" for Ready to Submit.

At this stage OSP will submit the proposal on your behalf via ASSIST and will monitor its successful routing through Grants.Gov and eRA Commons.

System Statuses

ASSIST has some new application statuses which determine what actions can be taken. The department and PI are able to move the proposal between these statuses as needed.

Work in Progress
This allows department personnel and PIs to work on the application in the system.
All Components Final
Once an application has all the required parts then the department personnel and PI are able to mark each component as final.
All Components Validated
Use this functionality to have the system confirm that proposal requirements are met (i.e., check for errors). ASSIST will send email notifications after each validation process is completed. Any items identified must be resolved before the application is routed to OSP for review. This functionality should be used to re-validate an application after any changes are made to the core or project sections of the application. See the ASSIST User Guide, page 145.
Ready for Submission
This is the department’s and PI’s means of confirming the application is ready to be submitted to the sponsor. The application must be in this status when the eGC1 is marked “Yes” for Ready to Submit.