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Budget Setup and Management

  • Advance Budget Requests (GIM 9)
    The Principal Investigator of a contract, grant or other agreement may request authorization to spend a limited amount of money during a specified period on an Advance Notice prior to the receipt of an executed award from the funding agency. This need may arise when an award has not been received in the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) by the effective date of the award, negotiation or processing of the award is not complete.
  • Budget Extension Request (OSP)
    Budget Extensions allow a Principal Investigator (PI) additional time to complete the scope of work of her/his project.
  • New Budget Setup
    Once the sponsor notifies OSP of the award, OSP prepares and issues an eFA and sends award information electronically to GCA. More details provided.
  • Outgoing Subawards
    An outgoing subcontract is a formal, cooperative "sponsored programs" relationship with another organization, generally a university or non-profit research center, that is part of a proposal and, if awarded, prime agreement, accepted by the University of Washington.
  • Program Income Procedures
    The University of Washington is accountable for certain kinds of income generated by the activities of a grant or contract. Program Income Procedures provides guidance to those faculty investigators who elect to use this program income for costs that are in addition to the allowable costs of their project.
  • Rebudgeting of Funds
    After a grant or contract has been awarded, the Principal Investigator sometimes finds that the approved budget is not consistent with actual project needs. Most funding agencies allow reasonable flexibility to implement desired budget revisions without prior approval, but often the change does require the approval either by the grantee under delegated authority or by the funding agency.


Some federal contracts and flow-through federal contracts require PIs to use E-Verify system to establish employment eligibility of designated employees. This applies to contracts which contain a clause specifying the E-Verify requirement. It does not apply to grants.

Departments and the PI will be notified by OSP during the award set up process when a federal contract contains the E-Verify clause. See the Payroll website for details on the process including a flow chart.

Requesting Sponsor Prior Approval for Post Award Grant Actions

Federal sponsors routinely require grantees to obtain the sponsor's approval before making certain changes in the post-award phase of a project. Examples of such changes include, but are not limited to, a change in scope or a change of PI. Federal administrative requirements allow federal agencies to waive certain cost-related and administrative prior approval requirements, allowing a PI to make a variety of changes without obtaining sponsor's approval; this is known as Expanded Authorities. The following resources can help you understand when approval may or may not be required, and the awarding agency may have additional guidance posted on their website. Please review the terms and conditions of your award, and check with your OSP Team if you are unsure about the requirements related to your award.

Note: For guidance related to federal contracts or non-federal awards please contact your OSP Team.